Whether you need to come to peace with yourself on an internal conflict, with another regarding a situation that’s been unresolved for days or years or whether you need to get unstuck from a situation in which you find yourself, moving forward often starts with a resolution.  RESOLVE TO MOVE FORWARD was created to provide a healthy dose of inspiration, useful insight and valuable resources to help get you moving in the right direction.


Patricia RobertsFor years, I have been an unofficial go-to person when others have found themselves stuck.

My natural positive energy, creative resolution skills, reliable instincts and valuable perspective have helped countless individuals think through and resolve their own issues — by encouraging them to see the big picture and to identify perspectives of others to find common ground, no matter how far apart positions seem to be.

It was recently suggested that I share some guiding principles and specific resources with a broader audience and in doing so, begin to gather and share inspirational stories and valuable tips from others.


It is my passion and pleasure to share what I’ve learned with those who are determined to resolve an open issue or to get beyond current circumstances. It is also my desire to keep the momentum going and positive energy flowing, by gathering and sharing impactful stories and tips submitted by readers.

There’s no one route forward — we have many options.  But with an open heart and open mind, a bit of insight and some thoughtful advanced planning, we can encourage each other to be well on our way.

Getting unstuck can feel so good.

To moving forward,

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